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Passports and visas

Advice and resources to make your trip run smoothly

Of course, a passport is essential if you’re planning a school trip overseas. With different types of passport and/or visas needed for various countries, it can be difficult to know what exactly you or your students might need to do before your trip.

If you’re tasked with planning a school trip overseas, check out the below to find out what you need to know and where to find more information!


Before travel, you should find out if the country you’re visiting will require a visa for entry. You can use this link to check for each country.

For those of you travelling in the EU with students who have non – EU passports, you may be eligible a list of travellers form from the British Council which allows these students to go on the trip without a visa. Check out the information from the British Council here.

For both USA and Canada, visitors must apply in advance for an electronic entry visa for the relevant country. These come with a small fee and can only be organised on a direct and individual basis. For information and online applications: Click here for USA ESTA and Click here for Canadian eTA.


First things first is ensuring that each member of your group has a valid passport for travel and making sure you allow enough time for any new passport applications to be processed.

Some countries require that your passport be valid for up to 6 months beyond your return date so don’t forget to check expiry dates and get any renewals done in plenty of time before the trip.

You should find answers to any questions about getting or renewing a UK Passport here.

This link gives you up to date details on entry requirements and passport validity information for each country along with travel advice.

If your group are all British nationals and under 18 years old on the return date, it may be possible to apply for a collective passport for the whole group! Read more here.


Any visas and passports need to be organised by the individual but you can always contact our team for help and advice with planning your school trip by phone: 01384398893 or email